our story

We know from our experience, how difficult it is to get a proper car wash that satisfies our minds and budgets.

You are working a lot - 5 or 6 days a week. You have a lot of things to do and you want to enjoy your free time with your family, friends or just take time for yourself? But your car is dirty, dusty and smells like empty bottles and chips bags?

We want you to enjoy your time and let us take over your car cleaning tasks!


Conventional car cleaning wastes up to 600 liters of drinkable water. That is toxified and thrown back into our environment through swage systems. Wash streets may be fast and practical. However, they are not environmentally, user nor car exterior friendly. Wash streets machines’ flappers slap the paint of your beloved vehicle causing small scratches and removes all polishing and protectives layers. You need to clean the internals of your vehicle yourself, which wears out your energy and time.

Hand wash garages consume as minimum as 20 liters of our water resources to wash a car. Most of them are situated in private garages or shopping mall garages, which means you as a customer, instead of being served comfortably must spend your time on planning and waiting. They are also overpriced, offer low-quality service and often use chemical based products.

Why choose us?

Waterless care takes modern car cleaning to the next level. We know that your car should be dealt with in the right way, and this is what we do. We will only wash the exterior by hand, using products that will prolong the life cycle of your paint. Windows will be cleaned with products that do not leave stains or grease and protect them and our products for interior cleaning are designed not to leave cracks, scratches, oily surfaces or bad smell behind. 

Booking is as easy as calling your best friend - and for free!

Since that the car wash industry is a customer oriented service, we will deliver the service where and when you want if it’s in our reach - even on weekends and public holidays.

Our promise

We are only using 100% organic and biodegradable products from our own brand Wash O’ Way (because we wash our way - wash organic way) where we will use a maximum of 1,8ml of water to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle and we also recycle the found garbage in your car. 

You don’t need to plan ahead - we will make this experience as customer friendly as possible for you. We will keep our staff members happy so they can provide you with the best car cleaning service and high quality customer service experience.   

We don’t need to say much about the importance of water on our planet. Water is life and we must deal with it responsibly so that the next generations will be able to enjoy clean water as well.